A Sam’s Club $20 e-Gift card is offered to new members who sign up through this link. The link will take you to Sam’s Club Refer a Friend Program. By following the steps on Sam’s Club website, you’ll receive a $20 e-Gift card from Sam’s Club after joining. Be sure to read the terms on their website and purchase your membership online. By referring you as a member, we will receive a $10 e-Gift card. It’s a win-win for both of us!

There are two types of Sam’s Club memberships: basic and plus. There are a few differences between them in terms of the benefits you’ll get. Sam’s Plus members have the benefit of earning cash rewards, free shipping, early shopping hours, free select prescriptions, 20% discount on glasses and free shipping on contact lenses. Other than these added benefits, both memberships are equivalent in terms of benefits.

We’ve had both types of memberships. We always renew because of the savings we accumulate every year. Our most frequent purchase is Sam’s Club fuel. We’ve heard they don’t make any money on the fuel sales but can’t say for certain. Low prices on fuel a very big benefit for us. There are many other items that you can find near cost, such as their rotisserie chicken. Our Sam’s Club location sells the rotisserie chicken for $4.98. We have a small family but buy in bulk when it suits us well.

So, which Sam’s Club membership should you choose? If you don’t shop too often and don’t need to visit during their early shopping hours, then the basic membership is for you. As a basic member, you still have access to all the same deals. We started out with the basic membership and upgraded to the plus membership a couple years ago. We chose to upgrade due to the free shipping on online orders and the discount on glasses at 20%. As a plus member, we also accumulate cash rewards on qualifying purchases. Those rewards help us justify the higher cost of the plus membership.

No matter which Sam’s Club membership type you choose, we’re sure you’ll be happy with the store’s selection and benefits your membership provides. Claim your Sam’s Club $20 e-Gift Card today!